“A gifted storyteller with a distinctive voice, Samantha has the unique abilities to make the personal universal, to make the world and characters she’s created come to life on the page, and to make the reader feel deeply.”

Colleen Sell, Editor, A Cup of Comfort series

Blended: Writers on the Stepfamily Experience

Blended: Writers on the
Stepfamily Experience

“Blended: Writers on the Stepfamily Experience” is a collection of riveting personal essays by and for family members living in step.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon and at bookstores.

These honest, poignant, sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes funny stories showcase the dreams, challenges, stumbles and successes of families living in step.

With a forward by Ariel Gore, the book has a star line-up. Contributors include Marge Piercy, Barbara Lodge, Jennifer Margulis. C.S. Whitcomb, Candace Walsh, Melissa Hart,  Gigi Rosenberg, Sue Sanders, Cassie Premo Steele. and Jessica Morrell.

Reviews of Blended:

“Anthologies can be a tough sell as so many are uneven (in writing and editing) but I was blown away by Samantha Waltz’s Blended. It takes real skill and nerve to create such a seamless yet varied collection of perspectives of writers both familiar and not, step children and parents of varied backgrounds and sexual orientations. Though the stories are many, this collection feels like a story in itself and as such makes for a very satisfying and enlightening read. If you’re living in a blended family, you’ll probably see yourself (for better or for worse) and rethink some of your own preconceived notions. Or just read this book for the pleasure of immersing yourself in a great story about modern American life. I loved this book. ”

Karen Maeda Allman, Elliott Bay Book Company

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